Black and White Photo Challenge (Days 4 and 5 of 7)

Today’s challenge photos are from days four and five since I missed posting yesterday. However, they are photographs of two of my favorite things, my Jeep and my favorite pair of jeans.

Both are great representations of who I am. My Jeep is pretty, with rugged edges and tough. And, well, my jeans, perfectly imperfect. You can’t get more authentic then that I suppose. I am what I am, love it or leave it.

However, they both remain constant and consistent. They’ve seen the best of me, and the worst of me. So, I found it fitting to include them in the photo challenge and pay a little tribute to two of the things that are, plain and simple, just me.

Days 4 & 5 of 7 in the B&W Photo Challenge

Much love,

Mo 💗😘

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~ ☕️

Black and White Photo Challenge (Day 3 of 7)

Time. It’s all about timing they say. I’d have to agree, although my timing seems to always be off. Ugh!

Anyway, this lovely piece is actually a 1920’s lead plate turned into a clock by a local artisan. I really love its uniqueness and overall style.

I have a thing for time pieces. Maybe because subconsciously I know how precious time is, or how quickly it passes, or how I wish I could turn it back and have a do-over.

Here’s my day three of seven photograph from the Seven Day Black & White Photo Challenge. Seven B&W photos about my life. No people. No pets. No explanations.

Day 3 of 7 in the B&W Photo Challenge

Much love,

Mo 💗😘

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~ ☕️

Black and White Photo Challenge ( Day 2 of 7)

I’m not a native of Pittsburgh, but since living here for the past year and half its given me a plethora of opportunities to catch something on film.

An individual can go from city to country in half an hour here. The area gives you plenty of chances to see whatever it is your heart so desires.

Pittsburgh is a great city/area for mom and pop places to grab a bite to eat. Foodie here. So, there’s never a lack of choices when it comes to food as well.

Location, location, location. Pittsburgh is only a three to six hour drive to some major cities in the northern part of the U.S., as well as, just an hour flight to others, like New York City. (Swoon, the Big Apple!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my day two of seven photograph from the Seven Day Black & White Photo Challenge. Seven B&W photos about my life. No people. No pets. No explanations.

Day 2 of 7 in the B&W Photo Challenge

Much love,

Mo 💗😘

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~ ☕️

Black and White Photo Challenge (Day 1 of 7)

Hi everyone! I know its been a little while since my last blog. I took some time off from writing in the past month. I needed to clear my thoughts and heart. I took a much needed vacation to Mexico in the meantime. The ocean was the best medicine for me. I left my tears in Mexico on the sandy shoreline to be carried off by the ocean waves, and let the sails of my heart open to wander the salty sea in search of my soul. And so now, life continues on.

Since taking my break from writing, I’ve concentrated more on my photography to keep me busy. I’ve always loved photography and dabbled in it a bit here and there. I tend to see everything from the angle of a picture frame as it is.

So, recently I was challenged to take a black and white photo every day for seven days. I thought, “why not?” This could be fun. So, for the next seven days I’ll be posting a black & white photo about my life. No people. No pets. No explanations.

Hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. If you really like my work, you can follow me on Instagram @ only1monja. I’ve been compiling some of my work there.

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing again, but I’ll also be sharing my life in pictures with you through my photography.

Day 1 of 7 in the B&W Photo ChallengeMuch love,

Mo 💗

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~

Love Lost and Five Tips on How to Get Through It (Relationship Advice from the Professionally Single Girl)

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want or planned. There is, I suppose, some beauty in that. 

However, we all want things for our lives. But, most importantly, all of us just want to be loved, wanted and accepted. From the day we’re born it’s an inherent need for our souls. 

When this doesn’t happen, more so as an adult in regards to relationships and love, it’s a very hard pill to swallow.  Rejection seems to be the name of the game 9 out of 10 times anymore.  The older you get, the harder it is to deal with, accept, understand, and well, get over. 

Maybe like me, you keep asking yourself, why? Why did this happen… again?  What is it about me? What could I have done differently?  Why won’t love stay?  And last, but not least, where do I go from here?   

From firsthand experience I can tell you it sucks, but you’re not alone. I’ve gone through it, and unfortunately, I’ve been going through it now for the past several months. 

But somehow, you’ll survive, and manage to get through it, no matter how long it may take. 

Here are a five tips I’ve learned from my past experiences on how to deal with losing love, and to be honest, I’m still learning. 

1.     Grieve. You are grieving a loss, whether you initiated the breakup or not.  Cry. Let it out. It’s perfectly normal.  You’re going to have some good days, some so-so, and some that will be downright awful for a while. It’s going to take time to heal.  I can’t tell you how long it will take, because everyone circumstance varies, but hang in there. We’ve all been there, just like Bridget Jones (from Bridget Jones’ Diary) wherein she is lip synching “All By Myself” in her PJs with a bottle of alcohol in her hands. Again, totally normal.

2.     Try not to overthink. Oh, good lord this can be extremely difficult!  Try not to think about them moving on with someone else, the painful breakup, you know, all the what if’s and whys. It only makes you feel worse.  Try to keep your mind occupied. Work. Hobbies. Netflix. Friends. Writing. Photography. Whatever healthy distraction helps, do it. 

 3.     Stay positive! Yes, the breakup sucks. Yes, it hurts. You may not ever truly understand why it happened either, but being negative about it and yourself is detrimental to your emotional health. Remind yourself of the great person you are, and the value you hold in life. Come up with a mantra such as, “I can get through this day, it’s going to be a good one.”, or “I am strong, I am beautiful, I can do this.”  Any positive message/mantra that uplifts your spirit will be a good one, especially on the bad days. 

 4.     You are worthy of love. Just because your relationship ended doesn’t mean your unworthy of being loved or wanted.  It can feel like this, most specifically when it seems like it happens repeatedly. However, we are all worthy! Although, I tend to roll my eyes and sigh OFTEN when friends and associates tell me this, but love will find you (if you open yourself up to it or want it again).  It will take a lot of patience, but when the time is right (so I’m told) the love you are worthy of will come along, just give it time.  In the meantime, though, learn to love yourself, and know your own worth. 

 5.     Don’t give up! This is my biggest battle. I keep referring to tips 1-4 above to get me through, but it’s still tough. A person can find themselves closing off to the idea of love after one’s heart has been shattered into tiny shards of glass. However, don’t give up on yourself or love.  Fight for yourself and love every day. The thing is, there is something beautiful in all of us, in YOU, and someone, some day is going to see that, appreciate it, and love you for it. And well, even if no one does, having the strength to go on alone, to love yourself and be thankful for what you have will be reason enough to be happy. 

Take it from someone who has been (and is) where you are, you will get through this. Tennyson said it best, when he said, “Tis better to have loved and lost, / Than never to have loved at all.”  The beauty in that is that you know love exists, you had it, and with a little bit of hope and faith, you’ll find love again one day… and a love that will last. 

Mo ❤

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~

Glitter and Mud

Glitter and mud is what I made of, and everything from shiny to plain.  

I’m wit and beauty all wrapped into one, but never may you find me silly or vain. 

I sparkle in the light when given a chance, and don’t mind the dirt, as long as I can still dance. 

I promise you this, no matter what side you see, you’ll never meet a person more truer than me. 

So take my glitter, and take my mud, because you see my friend, that is simply what I’m made of. 

Mo ❤

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~

Love, Kindness and Compassion

Originally written November 4, 2016:

There they were. The doors to the eatery opened, the brisk air ushering them in. He in his khaki hip length rain coat, dark grey page boy hat, matching khaki slacks and loafer suede boots. She in her silver framed glasses, black rain coat with a red collar, black slacks, black tennis shoes, white socks and white dress shirt.

They walked in like any couple would into the restaurant. Speaking softly to one another. He with his hand on the small of her back. They walked gently together. There was a special bond between them. One that one could see had ingrained itself over time like water that carves its self through a rock over time. Ingrained. The two were one in love, kindness and compassion.

As they made their way to the table he pulled her seat out and helped place herself slowly into the wood chair. Once he knew she was settled he made his way to his seat, sitting and giving her a smile she had seen a million times.

They spoke softly, but more so with their gestures and eyes. She nodded. He would point, smile and nod back to her as he went over the menu.

From a short distance one could tell she was frail and in much need of assistance. But to him, she was the girl he met many moons ago and looked at her the same way everyday.

The waitress came to the table to take their order. He ordered for the both of them. Hot tea and stuffed peppers and white rice for her. For him beer battered shrimp with a side, dark ale and a water.

They sat their quietly. Comfortably. Silence between them wasn’t really silence, they didn’t need to speak. Their life time of memories were between them in one glance, one smile, one nod.

Their dinners came. He made sure she again was taken care of for her meal before he began his. They shared their meals like two young kids in love would do on one of their first dates.

You could observe he had a fiery spirit and she the more mild meek manner. They were well matched.

When dinner was done, they continued sipping their respective drinks when he asked her if she was ready to go. She hinted she was so he gathered his belongings and went to her side of the table to help her up. Again assisting her in her frail state but holding her at the small of her back looking at her like they were 25 again.

They walked slowly and gingerly towards the exit, through the doors and into the cold night.

My friends, as I sat there and watched the night unfold I found myself peering into their lives in some way. Like I could see their story on their faces. It wasn’t a perfect one, but it was one of true love, understanding and compassion. I truly admired what I was graciously bestowed upon to share with them.

Out of kindness and respect for what we saw, and how we were touched by the love we saw, Mark and I paid for their dinners anonymously. Our waitress, Tina was so touched by our kindness and why we were doing it, she not only gave us a free dessert but her employee discount on the entire bill.

She came over later and handed us a note so as not to let on to the older couple across from us know we paid for their dinners that read “They said thank you very much. You made their night.”

Love. Kindness. Compassion. It exists. Everywhere. Every day. Watch for it. Be a part of it. Live it.

Mo ❤

~~Remember, live, love, and never ever forget the coffee~~